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Sabaa Tovar


Sabaa Tovar is a Venezuelan-American Singer-Songwriter, Co-Producer of all her songs, and Record Producer of all her albums. Sabaa was brought to Miami, Florida, at a very young age and openly showed her passion for singing and songwriting. 


Sabaa has Afro Latino, Jazz, Gospel, and Pop Rock musical influences and plays piano and guitar. Her music career happened organically; today, Sabaa has a 21-year music career, including former music education and music business background. 


In 2001, one of the member's church her father founded heard Sabaa sing worship, and a week later, Sabaa was producing with Producer Paul Hoyle (Grammy Nominee & Winner) her first three-track, self-written EP. Her EP's positive welcoming motivated Sabaa to return to the studio and Co-Produced 11 self-written songs, which became her first Album, Razones (Reasons), mastered by Bob St Jhon, Grammy Nominee & Winner, along with producers Mike Rivera &Wiso Aponte.


In May 2004, Sabaa released Razones and joined the most lucrative Latin Christian Music and Books Expo EXPOLIT. Also, Sabaa had been featured in the official Expolit's yearly Compilation Albums (2004, 2007, 2012, 2013, 2014). Again, Sabaa ranked #1 in many Christian Radios. The same year she performed at the Jackie Gleason Theater in South Beach, along with other prolific Spanish Contemporary Artists of the time.


In 2007, Upon her success with her first Album, Sabaa became inspired to write and release the EP "El Precio de mi Adoracion" (The Price Of My Worship). 


In 2012, an album named "Espiritu De Dios" (Spirit of God); was the result of her encounters with the presence of God, taking her to a higher level in her relationship with the Lord. This Album has a top single hit with the same name, which brought Sabaa tremendous success in the Americas, and Canada, enabling Sabaa to keep touching the hearts of many by touring with her Band in Theaters, Mega Churches, Women's, Youth & Music Christian Conferences.


2013 These experiences did strengthen her faith and calling, which inspired her to write a Spoken Word and Worship Album title "El Poder De La Resurreccion" (The Power Of Resurrection).


In June 2016: Sabaa released her 4th Studio Album, "Aniversario" (Anniversary), to celebrate her 15 years of Music Career and Ministry (Pastor, and Praise & Worship Leader)


In December 2017, Sabaa entirely produced and recorded her 5th Studio Album, "Mi Navidad" (My Christmas) including seven songs in Spanish and three in English. This Album represents her American influence while growing up in the States and her Spanish Heritage.


Studio Albums & Recordings:


(2001) (EP) "SABAA".

(2004)  “RAZONES”(Album)


(2012) “ESPIRITU DE DIOS”(Album)

(2013) “EL PODER DE LA RESURRECCION” (Album) Spoken Word

(2016) ANIVERSARIO.(Album)

(2017) Feliz Navidad(Single)

(2017). Mi Navidad (Album)

2020-2021 Online Music Lessons (The Key Of David)

2022-2023: Pre-Production in progress of New Album. 



Studio Recording

music videos


(2001) (EP) "SABAA".

(2004)  “REASONS”(Album)


(2012) “SPIRIT OF GOD” (Album)

(2013) “THE POWER OF THE RESURRECTION” (Album) Spoken Word

(2016) ANNIVERSARY.(Album)

(2017) Merry Christmas(Single)

(2017). My Christmas (Album)

2020-2021 Books and ONLINE Classes

1. Video-Live Recordings: ENLACE.TBN




2. Video Clips:

Spirit of God (New York)

Transform Me (Washington D.C)

We Will See Your Glory (Washington D.C)

We will see Your Glory (Venezuela)

The price of my Adoration. (Virginia)

3. Special Christmas"To the World Peace" (2018) TBN Studios, Dallas Texas

New Releases


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